Enjoy Pilates & Barre apps from Fittbe for your best and brightest fit life!

The Fittbe Pilates & Fittbe Barre Apps are the perfect way to make fitness fun and easy! You can enjoy hundreds of workout, weekly challenges, seasonal challenges, and monthly challenges from the convenience and comfort of your own home! We all need to find that perfect workout that we can look forward to, and if you are looking for upbeat sessions with balanced movement that feels beautiful to do, and give you a major tone up, then the Fittbe Pilates or Fittbe Barre apps are for you. They are super affordable, and you can enjoy our Venti option for just 23 cents a day on a yearly plan!


The only question, is are you more of a Pilates Mat fan? Or do you like to burn your calories at the Barre? Try the apps on for size! The Fittbe Apps have an amazing community! We are supportive and encouraging. The apps are ideal for any level and require minimal equipment and space, making them perfect for your busy beautiful life! I can’t wait to workout with you Barre & Pilates Style! xo 💕 , Kira (Your Certified Pilates & Barre Instructor. Classically Trained, BA, MS, University of Washington, Pepperdine University)

"Found a Keeper!"

I was looking for a good Pilates app and I came across this FITTBE app. It allows you to try a week for FREE so you can try it out to see how awesome it is all risk free. I just did the Sunday Recharge workout. 25 minutes never flew by so fast and omg-that was no joke! Kira gave perfect fine tuning advice throughout and did a good job distracting me from the pain being inflicted by just 3lb weights.🏋🏻‍♀️ I next tried the Perfect Posture Pilates session and again the time wizzed right by! The videos are simple, straight forward and highly effective! The app is easy to use, nothing is over complicated or watered down. The instructions are so valuable; it feels like a personal training session. I hope it never changes! To keep going after a week is $1.99 per month. I think I found a keeper!! – Christina, Founder, Here for it All Blog