Balanced & Beautiful


A good workout should feel like a treat for your body! With the Fittbe Apps, you are treated to challenges in Barre, Pilates, and Yogalates that will give you a stunningly balanced physique.

About Fittbe Pilates

The Fittbe Pilates App was designed by the experts. Why should you care? We think your body is too precious to trust to just any workout method or teacher. Our program is designed by certified practitioners with 20 years of classical teaching and training experience and a robust understanding of kinesiology and body mechanics.

Sounds serious right? Well, the results are serious, but the sessions, they are downright FUN. Our members are amazing. We take special requests and design fun challenges. Everything has a super healthy dose of positivity, and while we take our Pilates seriously, we believe a workout should be something you can look forward to. That means lots of fun, lots of smiles, and even a few laughs because they’re good for your abs!

Aww, shucks…

Praise for Fittbe Pilates

I’ve always belonged to a gym and gone to classes but recently moved and find the drive to the gym inconvenient at times. After trying several online workouts I’ve finally settled on this one. There is a good variety. I like her style and voice. I like that there is always a countdown of how many more sets and a timer running on the page to show how much time remains. I especially like the choices to work out for different lengths of time and the variety of workouts to choose in each group. -Lisa Richards

“I just feel really good…”

“I have been a Fittbe member for 3 years. I love the style. So encouraging, and the exercises are perfectly assembled. It feels great to do, and I feel like my abs are tighter, my arms are leaner, and most importantly, I just feel really good and look forward to the sessions!”

What do members Receive?

Members receive over 100 sessions that they can do at any time in their own home with minimal equipment. New challenges come up continually, along with new series, new sessions and more. The best part, it’s all included with a membership. For those who want to try the style out before signing up, there are some full sessions to try. 

Make Fittbe Pilates Part of Your Daily Life!

Designed by a 20 year Pilates practitioner and teacher, Fittbe Pilates is a system you can place your trust in. The app ranks in the top 10 in the US App Store. Come and learn why. We’d love for you to join us.


Fittbe is a pretty super deal. You can enjoy the app for $6.99 a month if you select yearly billing, or 11.99 a month on monthly billing if you’re not quite ready to commit. You can cancel anytime, but we sure hope you don’t want to. We put so much love into the app and we think you’ll love it too!