Try a Barre Session that’s so enjoyable that the time goes fast!

Try the “Arabesque Amazing” Barre Session that Feels so Fun it will actually fly by!Ā 

It’s True! This fun barre session will just fly by! Grab a chair so that you can balance, or a barre if you have one (we usually use a railing in the Fittbe loft!).


Here’s a preview of what to expect in the workout!

This fun and graceful workout just might surprise you! It’s the perfect recipe for totally toned legs, a ballerina back, and tighter arms. Plus, it wouldn’t be a Fittbe barre workout without a core finale!
Get your copy! Search “Fittbe Barre” in the app store, or start a free trial from our website:
Try these:
šŸ©°Plie Sequences with floating first arms
šŸ©°Degage to all 3 sides
šŸ©°Passe Plie Combo
šŸ©°Light weight extensions front
šŸ©°Abtastic criss cross finale
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