10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

You know we love the simple things here at Fittbe. So, we’ve come up with a quick list for you of ways to simplify your life. When you really make these a priority, you’ll be amazed at how much head space you free up for fun and enriching things that you love, like Hygge coziness, cooking and baking, barre and pilates, painting? Whatever those passions may be!


Declutter paper. Take it online you guys!

Set reminders in your phone or on your computer for things you know you need to remember. Set your bills on autopay and keep a spreadsheet of them. Then, unsubscribe from receiving notifications by mail. All those mailers do is create clutter in your home, and eventually fill your recycle bin. When I do get something I need in paper form, I usually snap a pic of it and keep it in one secure folder. Then, I make sure to audit this folder often!


Keep up your fitness and health.

Workout at least 3 times a week! Balance with different types of exercise, or an all in one balanced program like Pilates or Barre. Remind yourself that you are the type of person who enjoys exercise and healthy behaviors. Affirmations are so powerful, and doing so will help you to form great habits that will support you in a big way!


Put yourself first. We all know that term “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” but do we really put it into action?


You guys… as my sister always says… “we must!” take care of yourself first because that frees you up to attend to others. This has to be done in a “guilt free” way. Really look after yourself. Don’t skip meals, go with your gut, if you feel to busy, turn down some invitations or engagements. It is ALL ok!


Do an hour of tidying a day.

When you tidy up, you immediately feel a great feeling of productivity. Turn on some music you love while you do it and enjoy making your space somewhere you love to dwell!



Wear (and keep) clothes that fit well and make you feel great! Just because it may have value, doesn’t mean it has value to you right now.


Set a morning routine that you look forward to.

This morning routine might include a hot shower, a steaming cup of coffee, luxurions stretching. Maybe even getting up a half hour earlier so you have some quiet time to enjoy yourself


Declutter your mind.

If it’s not actionable and important for the present, let it go, let it go, let it go!


Enjoy the now.

There’s never been a better time to bring your attention to what is right in front of you! Focus on your senses. See the beauty around you.


Foster Good Relationships!

Put time into good relationships and notice how they come back to you. Don’t put time into unproductive, unfulfilling or negative relationships. Remember, number 3. Look after yourself.


Make time for your hobbies.

If you need too set an alarm to make sure you spend time on your hobby, do it! If you want to practice piano because you haven’t since you were 15, do it! If you want to learn to play a sport, or a game, go for it. Hobbies are important for fueling your creativity and happiness.


I hope you try out these simplifying ideas! They have helped me personally, and I’d be delighted if they helped you to simplify your life as well! Be sure to follow along with Fittbe on Instagram and Pinterest! And if you don’t have your apps yet, you can download Fittbe Pilates here, and Fittbe Barre here. Looking for something a little slower? Opt for Fittbe Yogalates!

It's always a good day for BARRE!

BARRE is always a good idea, and of course Paris is too.. Thanks Sabrina!


Get on the Barre wagon!

Be sure to Try Fittbe Barre for a fun-filled, full body boost you’ll love! Plus weekly challenges, hygge ideas, and more!

Simple Ways to Stand Taller

Simple Ways to Stand Taller

Good posture looks great and feels great. It enhances that balanced body and is habit-forming! 

Keep your spine tall

Keep your spine tall when you are sitting and standing as well. When you slouch, you really put strain on your back, and you throw the balance of your body out of wack!

Work your Core and Abs

Your core is more than your abs. It’s the full array of wrap around muscles supporting your back. Having strong abdominals and a strong core is vital for great posture and preventing back pain too!

Align your ears with your shoulders

Make sure your head isn’t reaching forward. This is awful for your neck, and it looks poor too. Instead, make sure you align your ears with your shoulders. Keep your head up. Always!

Select a Firm Mattress

Choose a firm mattress that won’t have you sinking in! If you’re a napper, try napping on something more firm than an easy chair!

It's Time to Take a Moment for Yourself!

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5 Habits of Successful Wellness Entrepreneurs

5 Habits of Successful Wellness Entrepreneurs

The habits of Successful wellness entrepreneurs

Ready to embrace your own success story!? Here are some qualities that wellness entrepreneurs share! 

  • They are authentic and their authenticity shines through in their brand 

There’s a fine line between self promotion and gracefully infusing your wellness business with your own style, tastes, and personality. Great wellness entrepreneurs are forward facing, but their tone is genuine. They allow you to get to know them and therefore develop trust and comfort. You have to be able to trust the personality behind the brand, so be brave, and put your best face forward. 

  • They give first!

If you want someone to purchase your product, or program, we think you need to spend some time giving. The best wellness entrepreneurs use social media to offer advice and guidance. Imagine a feed full of calls to action like “buy, buy, buy.” It’s an immediate turn off. So, as you cultivate audiences, give them something they can enjoy or learn from. 

  • They ask questions

Have you ever been at a dinner party and it seems like a one sided show? Of course you have – we all have… The most interesting people are inquisitive and interested. They ask questions and they genuinely want to hear the answer. Good wellness entrepreneurs share the same quality. They ask their communities about what their concerns are, and they find a way to help!


  • They are always growing

Opportunity is everywhere, and successful wellness entrepreneurs know it! They see opportunity all around. They don’t mimic, but they are inspired by the good work of others. They are supporters and cheerleaders and they are always pushing themselves further with fresh ideas and innovative solutions.

  • They Believe in Themselves

As a wellness entrepreneur, belief is 9 tenths of the law! There are always going to challenging moments. Really, really challenging moments. As a  wellness entrepreneur, you’ll have to get over the setbacks quickly and keep moving forward. If you exhaust an option, find another. At the end of the day, a good wellness entrepreneur has belief in the value they provide, and the uniqueness and valued offering they bring to the world!

It's Time to Take a Moment for Yourself!

Tone, strengthen, stretch, and earn a functional body that feels amazing! Download your copy of Fittbe Pilates!

5 Affirmations to Fuel Success!

5 Affirmations to Fuel Success!

5 Affirmations to Fuel Success!

Affirmations can be so powerful! Here are 5 affirmations to fuel your success today!

Daily affirmations to fuel success!

Affirmations are powerful! The thoughts we have impact the way we feel, the way our body reacts to things, the way we interact with our worlds, and our loved ones. Why wouldn’t you want to train your thoughts to be beautiful, strong, or positive? It may seem silly at first, but the operative word here is “train.” Bad thoughts can be habit-forming. But never fear, no negativity tailspins here. GOOD thoughts can also be habit-forming. When you have a mind full of good and productive thoughts, you start the process of forming the habit of good thinking, You will put good out into the world, and it will boomerang right back to you. Believe us!

Good thoughts!

These beauties are habit forming

Affirmations are the perfect way to start seeing the world, and interacting with the world in the best way possible! They are statements you make. You repeat and you remind, and eventually, they will change your life for the better! Always talk to yourself well, because YOU are listening!

Say it, think it believe it

Get your seat on the positivity train

You can write your own affirmations, or you can use many of ours! In fact, the yogalates app, is full of them! You can make affirmations for anything. Say them, think them, feel them, believe them.

5 Affirmations to Fuel your success today

and that’s just the beginning…

  • My life and prosperity are in my hands, and I have the power to create any future I desire.
  • I am pushing forward every day
  • I am passionate about moving forward. I will make today a productive day.
  • I know what my goals are and I am taking steps toward achieving them!
  • I am becoming comfortable with “enjoying the ride” on my way to success


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Your Active Challenge Featuring Pilates, Antioxidants and Self Care!

Your Active Challenge Featuring Pilates, Antioxidants and Self Care!

This Fittbe Challenge involves self care, a bunch of Pilates, and powerful antioxidants! Press play on wellness!

A challenge packed with self care, enjoyment, and anti-oxidants!

Who is ready to get balanced when it comes to your Pilates workouts, self care routines and healthy diet!? We have a fun challenge for you, and if you are following along in your Fittbe Pilates app, once you complete your activity, you can check it off! Your wonderful accomplishment will then become part of your diary so that you can look back and appreciate all that you have achieved in sticking to the best, and most balanced you!

Center & stretch Pilates

Check off this workout!

The balance between stretch and strength is an important one! Enjoy the center and stretch Pilates session inside your Fittbe apps for the perfect blend!

Try a new type of tea!

Check of a Hygge / self care item by enjoying a new tea

There are so many wonderful teas to sip with gorgeous combos! Lately we’ve been loving Turmeric ginger!

Active Challenge!

Get ready for a fun circuit

Focus on your best quality of movement with each of these exercises!

  • Forearm plank with rolling heels 16 rolls
  • 6 sets of 6 criss-crosses
  • 4 Rolling like a ball, or rolling lake a ball hold
  • 16 Russian twists
    • Repeat 3 times x



Give yourself at least a week to enjoy all of these items!

And remember, you can save or bookmark this post to review anytime!

  • Treat yourself to a calming bath – hygge / self care
  • Make a blueberry oat smoothie – eats and treats
  • Lean lower abs Pilates – workout
  • Read something just for fun – hygge / self care
  • Do 10 minutes of stretching! – active

All of the Above Sessions are Available in Fittbe Pilates

Add 10 Minutes of Stretching to Your To Do List

Add 10 Minutes of Stretching to Your To Do List

Stretch for at least ten minutes today!

Stretch distraction free!

Make sure you do this with no distractions. Just enjoy the stretch, listen to your body, and remind yourself that you deserve it.

10 Minutes of Stretching for your to do list! 

  • Can you find ten minutes to do your body a big favor?

There’s really no excuse for not stretching, and if you do it right, it’s something to look forward to! Fittbe rule number 1 for stretching is always stretch when you are warm. There is nothing worse than rolling out of bed and forcing your body into an uncomfortable stretch. You might wonder as you do something that is supposed to be good for you – am I injuring myself? Can something that feels like this really be good for me? The answer is, no! It’s not good to stretch cold.

  • A great way to get ready for stretching is to do a bit of what we call “oil can” in the Fittbe apps!

  • Start with some light leg circles standing
  • Follow by rolling through your feet in a planted jog about 16
  • Take 16 plie pulses in second position
  • Do 16 medium sized arm circle
  • Repeat 3 Rounds 

 Go for it! Relax, Stretch, and Settle in!

Now enjoy your 10 minutes of stretching! Be sure to do hamstring stretches, quad stretches, back stretches, calf, and Achilles stretches!


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