Fittbe Yogalates


Stretch your body. calm your mind.

Inspired by Yoga, with foundations in Pilates, Fittbe Yogalates is your daily companion for wonderfully crafted, calming, strengthening sessions to balance, stretch, and tone.

Yoga has long been known for its ability to help you calm your mind, by working your body through beautiful and powerful poses and flows. Pilates is the world’s best core strengthening and elongating method of exercise. We think you’ll love this custom blend!

I adore this Fittbe Yogalates App. You don’t even have to “gear up”! Such a gift to yourself: start the day, end the day, just work this in. Surely you can find the time for yourself. My body feels so good – I am actually getting toned up but it is smooth, slowed, deliberate, and lovely low impact. Definitely doable for all fitness levels. 


An Ideal Combination…

Working on your self-care regimen and wanting to make sure you give your body exercise with the perfect combination of stretch and core strength? Fittbe Yogalates is the App for you! You will relieve stress as you warm and lengthen your muscles and calm your mind with some much deserved “you time”.

The sessions are for every level and ability. Stretching and proper warm-ups help you prevent injury. Flowing yoga style sequences get you ready to take on anything the day brings.