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The Fittbe Apps have ranked top 10 in the App Store for the past 7 years. Why you ask? Well, they’re created with love. Offer hundred of expert Pilates, Barre, and Yogalates, all taught by your classically Pilates instructor for the past 20 years.

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Fittbe Pilates is the ideal workout for getting a toned body that feels amazing! Get ready for the best you yet, with At Home Pilates workouts and our full catalog of ongoing sessions, challenges, and inspiration! See how Pilates can enrich your life! Tone your core, abs, legs, arms and more. Plus develop overall balance between stretch and strength.

You’ll receive over 100 Pilates videos and receive new sessions to elevate your fitness and help you feel toned, strong, and balanced in every way. You can also enjoy other healthy activities, recipes, and fun and cozy self-care ideas, all of which you can save in your diary! It’s time to get inspired, and prioritize balance and wellness! 

The Method

The Fittbe Pilates Method is built upon classical training, and formatted to give you the best results possible. It’s all about efficiency to help your body tone, stretch, and strengthen!

As far as Fittbe Barre, you’ll find that it is a little bit different from many Barre classes you may have taken. It has classical notes, but is definitely for everyone… No dance experience required! The results are impressive, yet it looks light and graceful!

Fittbe Yogalates is the ideal app for those who want to stabilize, improve balance, and stretch in a sweet calming style! It’s a strategic blend of yoga and Pilates and feels wonderful to do!

Meet The Apps

Depending upon your favorite method of exercise, you might want to try either Fittbe Pilates, Fittbe Barre, or Fittbe Yogalates! 

Fittbe Pilates

Fittbe Pilates

Our most popular app. Mat workouts, challenges, circuits, and some barre too!

Fittbe Barre

Fittbe Barre

Low equipment Barre workouts, challenges and a selection of Pilates

Fittbe Yogalates

Fittbe Yogalates

Yoga and Pilates blend for a relaxing, strengthening stretch, plus selected Pilates!

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AppStore Reviews

I want to start off by saying I have never ever written a app store review before but I had to make an exception for this app! I heard about the app through instagram and I absolutely love love love it! To begin, there are so many different videos varying in intensity, area of work, activity etc.”

There is a video for everything, days I want active recovery and days I want to turn it up a level in my workout! The videos are easy to keep up with and enjoyable. As someone who gets bored easily with workout videos I did not find any problem at all with this app.

I find myself looking forward to using this app every day! Kiira is a compassionate soul who makes you feel as though she is one of your friends, and you are working out together (you really get a workout buddy with this app and it is the absolute best!). Her positive nature is infectious and makes the workout fly by!

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Live your Best and Balance Life with Fittbe! No matter your skill level, there are hundreds of routines to enjoy and an always expanding catalog of content!