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Reviews for Fittbe

I want to start off by saying I have never ever written a app store review before but I had to make an exception for this app! I heard about the app through instagram and I absolutely love love love it! To begin, there are so many different videos varying in intensity, area of work, activity etc. There is a video for everything, days I want active recovery and days I want to turn it up a level in my workout! The videos are easy to keep up with and enjoyable. As someone who gets bored easily with workout videos I did not find any problem at all with this app.
In addition, I find myself looking forward to using this app every day! Kira is a compassionate soul who makes you feel as though she is one of your friends, and you are working out together (you really get a workout buddy with this app and it is the absolute best!). Her positive nature is infectious and makes the workout fly by! The length of some of these videos makes it easy to compile them for a full workout or they can stand alone for a full workout! Safe to say, this app is so worth it! I absolutely love it!!

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Professional Expertise

Kira was trained at Pacific Northwest Ballet School, American Ballet Theatre, the University of Washington and Pepperdine University. She has 17 years teaching experience and is a certified Pilates instructor.

Praise for Fittbe Barre: “I really love this app. I have some ballet experience and was intrigued by the idea of barre exercise so I decided to try this and I’m so happy I did. I want to encourage anyone thinking of attempting a new exercise routine to try this out. 

A Difference You can See and Feel!

I am not a super fit workout queen. I am in okay shape and I’m 49 years old. I can’t do everything in these workouts, but I do what I can. After a few weeks I could feel improvement, but the best part was when my sister and I were at the pool and she told me she could see a difference. I like the fact that I can exercise at home whenever I have time and there are sessions that are as short as twenty minutes so you can always find the time! Try it! You won’t regret it.”

We love our members

You’ll find that Kira often reminds you at the end of your workouts that “this is your app”. It’s true! We take requests and cater series directly for our members. At $6.99/Month with yearly billing, you can’t go wrong. You get full body toning, and hundreds of premium – feel fab sessions. Join us!



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