The mango yogurt bowl that will have you hopping out of bed in the morning! 


A breakfast mango yogurt bowl is seriously satisfying, and is the perfect time to nourish up! That’s right, get a big helping of all kinds of natural vitamins and probiotics that will have your crushing your day ahead.


Here’s what I put in my favorite Mango Yogurt Bowl:


Mango (I buy the frozen mango from Costco, and heat it up in the microwave. The fruit is so good you guys – seems to have been picked at the perfect ripeness). Mango is so good for your skin!


Greek yogurt (no sugar!)


Granola, Oats, or Grape Nuts




Bee Pollen


Collagen powder (because our bodies aren’t making it like they were when we were babies! Collagen does wonders for your joints!)


Vanilla protein powder with biotin (smooth and nourished hair and nails? Yes, please!)


Almond Milk


I hope you guys make these this week! They are a seriously good treat and will keep you going. I love to make these for my family. They are so good, they could almost be dessert. And, you can make so many tweaks to add what you love.