Fittbe Barre


Fittbe Barre is a challenge for your body but a treat for your spirit! With beautifully composed sessions designed for optimum results, you’ll tighten your muscles while enjoying the beauty of movement.

The Fittbe Barre App program is innovative and unlike any other at the top of the market. 

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There are many reasons why Fittbe Barre is such an effective and efficient method of exercise. The roots are classical and the movements are innovative, targeted, and magically effective. Every exercise is backed by intention. But guess what else, the sessions are FUN! We cannot wait for you to join us!

I’ve used a lot of fitness apps. I stumbled onto Fittbe and have been using it daily for 2 months. I love the variety. I can get a workout that I FEEL in as little as 5 minutes. When I have the time I can sink in and choose a longer workout. The new app is simple and user friendly. It’s positive, challenging, and motivating. Definitely worth it!

Jessie Mom of 5 (Fittbe Barre Member)

I was always intrigued by ballet, knew it was great exercise (just look at those ballet dancers’s; bodies – long, lean muscles) but would never in a million years don a leotard and head to a barre class (way too embarrassing!). Kiira’s barre classes are challenging (I’m trying to do it just the way she does) yet with the music, it’s also calming and makes me feel graceful. I will combine with walking or jogging! BTW they have amazing tech support if you need it, just email the app producers – they are super nice! 


Feel gorgeous and tone up like never before with Fittbe Barre at Home Workouts!

Enjoy new at-home barre workouts every week and a massive catalog of full length at home workouts, with challenges, a diary to track your fitness progress, ongoing inspiration, and so much more from the custom Fittbe Barre program. See for yourself!


Expert Barre instruction, with full-length video sessions that you can do in your own home! Fittbe Ballet Barre workouts are “intelligent exercise, with proven results, and great cross-training for other sports and activities.”


Barre is one of the most fun, efficient and beautiful exercise methods! Fittbe Barre is proven to help you tone from head to toe. It’s graceful, yet high intensity. And it’s an at-home workout you can look forward to. Your teacher is professionally trained, with 20 years of experience, so you can have faith that the sessions are backed by proper technique and careful design.