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Want stronger, toned arms? Do this!

If you want tighter toned arms, you have to do this 6 minuter! Time flys when you are getting toned 💕 Here are some of the featured exercises that will have your arms burning in a short amount of time! Do enjoy the full workout,...

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Arabesque Amazing Barre Workout!

Try a Barre Session that’s so enjoyable that the time goes fast! Try the “Arabesque Amazing” Barre Session that Feels so Fun it will actually fly by!  It’s True! This fun barre session will just fly by!...

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Planting Ranunculus in October

Ranunculus are such a beautiful choice of flower, and Fall is the ideal time to plant! Here’s a little video of how we plant our Ranunculus every year. You all know tubers, bulbs, and seeds, but with ranunculus, we have...

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No Equipment Pilates Mat Core Workout

Enjoy a no equipment core workout all on the Pilates mat with no equipment. It’s the perfect boost. The Fittbe Apps 6 minutes a day offers a serious boost to your overall health and fitness! Enjoy this session, and for...

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