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Pilates is magic for your spine, core, and body balance.

Push play on uplifting sessions and a custom app created with love and care.

Designed by Kira, a 20 year Pilates practitioner and teacher, Fittbe Pilates is a system you can place your trust in. The app ranks in the top 10 in the US App Store. Come and learn why! We’d love to have you join us!

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“I have been a Fittbe member for 3 years. I love the style. So encouraging, and the exercises are perfectly assembled. It feels great to do, and I feel like my abs are tighter, my arms are leaner, and most importantly, I just feel really good and look forward to the sessions!”


Mom of 3

“This Fittbe Pilates app is 10! These days when so many apps are so similar, almost templates with similar workouts, Fittbe Pilates is unique and custom! I love the weekly challenges, the workout of the day, the way Kira talks me through my sessions with care, lightness and encouragement. For me, having an instructor who offers such positive encouragement and quite frankly a hearty helping of happiness is a major bonus. I feel like she is my in person instructor. It’s clear from the technique and cues alone that she knows her stuff. I think it’s rare to find that in an instructor who also brings a ray of sunshine to your day. That’s why I took the time to write a review ~ in this time where things can feel stressful, this is my happy constant that tones my body and keeps me well and fit, but it’s also that happy boost I need. I big gulp of sunshine for the soul. I highly recommend to you all!


Why Is Fittbe Pilates a Great Choice?

Pilates builds long, lean, and great looking muscles. Core strength is developed through daily Pilates sessions. One of the best things about Pilates workouts is that they are kind to your body – while they can certainly be challenging, they are gentle on your joints!

Great for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Fittbe Apps are a true life saver for me! I find that working from home gets me so wound up and these apps are the perfect way to decompress and unwind after a long day of video conference calls- each day I crave a lunchtime Pilates session to reset myself for the afternoon or evening. There is so much variety with the workouts- I can target a specific area and workout for a certain amount of time- if I have one 10 minutes to spare- I can get in a great workout and know I’m doing something great for my mind and body and spirit! Kira has also added some fantastic hygge activities and recipes too!