How to Destress Today!

Here are some great ways to keep your stress in check! It’s so important for our health, mental well being, and quite frankly, our enjoyment in life! 


Take a Walk:

Getting some fresh air and enjoying a walk is a wonderful way to relax, and get your body moving, and get some of those feel good hormones, honing your stress free zone!

Take a Bath:

Perhaps it’s self indulgent, and that’s good with us! Try a lavender epsom salt bath and give yourself at least a 15 minute soak. Mmm, luxury!







Meditation is the perfect way to take a complete time out, bring yourself into the moment, relax, and refocus. You might try an orange essential oil! 

Use Essential Oils:

Get your diffuser going, and treat yourself to a relaxing scent. Some of the best and most relaxing essential oils are: Lavender, Chamomile, Bergamot, Sandalwood. 

Listen to Soothing Music:

Music is so powerful when it comes to putting us in a certain mindset. Put on your favorite music ~ whether it’s classical, meditative and calming, or a favorite song you love to dance to!

Oh and as always, make sure you do your Fittbe Apps!  


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