Low Impact Full Body Barre: All About the Routine!

Low Impact Full Body Barre: All About the Routine!

A little preview of our brand new 33 minute Pilates & Barre combo workout with free weights. Just published for your Fittbe Pilates & Fittbe Barre Apps. This one feels so good! We are hitting play with you right now!  And, if you don’t have your app yet, grab the link here ✨ I have freebies in there too, and am always here for workouts by request!

Here’s what you can expect from the workout. We start with some nice hip loosening moves in a standing position. Plus, we stretch out our arms and activate our backs. I just love a slow and luxurious warm up where we get to hold these beautifully placed positions.

Up next we work the downward dog position and give ourselves some releve exercises! This section is really great for helping us stretch and elongate the backs of those legs, stretching the achilles and calf muscles.

We then do a section where we face the mat. Single leg kicks are a super exercise to activate the backs of our legs while stretching our quads. Lastly for this section, I have some exercises to hit your “so called” Swimsuit muscles! You are soooo welcome for this! Ha. The key to get even more out of this section is to activate your upper back while you are facing your mat. Keep sending your shoulders down and back, almost reaching for a V position on your back.

A plank section with elbow to knee reaches follows, and I think you are going to love it! It is going to get you engaging your arms, waists/obliques, legs, and core. How about that for a multifunctional exercise.

Pick up those light free weights next, for some simple lifting. Keep that engagement as active on the way down as on the way up and you’ll earn a gold star! We finish this section with variations on bridges to target our glutes, and core.

Accomplish this with an intensity and a sense of calmness! I can’t wait for you to join me for this 33 minute session in your Fittbe app! Keep sending in requests so I can design more workouts especially for you all! And, if you haven’t signed up for my free newsletter yet, be sure to sign up here! 

xx, 😘 Kira


Be the Belle of The Barre!

Be the Belle of The Barre!

Be the Belle of The Barre!

Here we highlight a few super exercises that are simple and fun!

Barre Exercises from “Belle of the Barre” by Fittbe!

Who is ready to be the Belle of the Barre?! If you can find 25 minutes to enjoy this session from the Fittbe Barre app, we know you’ll feel amazing and benefit from a glorious full body tone that improves posture, feels graceful and is also FUN! Here are a few of our featured exercises with an excerpt so that you can all see what’s coming! 

4 count plie pumps with arms floating to second

An all time favorite warm up!

This warm up is amazing and you can really do it any time you just need to warm up your arms and legs! Take your feet to a natural first position, and start by engaging your legs, and squeezing your inner thighs together. Really think of “pulling up” through your legs. Arms are starting in Fifth en Bas of Bras Bas, and taking the 4 counts of plie pumps to float to second position. Then, take 4 counts to float back down and gather for another set! Keep sending your hips straight to the floor. 

Alternating heel second position plie pulses

This one really works your legs!

Make sure your take a nice wide second position with your legs. Promise yourself that you’ll route your knees right over your second toe for the entire exercise. Good tracking is essential! As as you lift one heel off, and keep your foot in demi point, take your plie knee bend lower. Then, take your heel back down to the mat. Switch off legs and find a nice rhythm! 


Standing oblique rotation with parallel passe

Engage your waist as you twist! 

Ok, see the picture? That waist is twisting and those abs are tightening with every exhale. But the FUN part is that your upper body is totally dancing with each twist! The torso always goes toward your working leg on this one. Your standing leg is reaching tall and far from the floor! Be sure to get your knee nice and high and make sure you keep your best posture!

First position curl ups on the Mat

Take it down to the mat!

For this exercise, you will want to come down to your back, and take your arms over your head. Flatten and tighten your abs. Squeeze your knees together in a bent knee position, feet on the mat. As you exhale, roll your upper body and arms up and find a ballet first position. Hold for several counts, then roll down slowly through your spine keeping your core tightly engaged!

Rotated leg, lift, lower, out, and center

Isolate those external rotators and inner thighs!

Begin in a position with your elbows on the mat. Keep your neck long. Bend your knees out in front of yourself, then route your first working leg to a 45 Degree angle. Flex your foot. Now, draw the leg upward, enjoying a hamstring stretch. Keep your knee reaching side. Lower slowly back to the 45 degree position. Now keeping your core strong, route the leg outward off of your center line, and hold. Lastly draw it back in, engaging your thighs again. That’s one set!

We have some helpful video clips of the featured exercises here for you, and the full video is available in the Fittbe Barre app. Included for All Members! Tap the link to enjoy! 


It's always a good day for BARRE!

BARRE is always a good idea, and of course Paris is too.. Thanks Sabrina!


3 Barre Moves for your Legs

3 Barre Moves for your Legs

3 Barre Moves for your Legs

Today we have 3 barre moves for your legs that will get you toned up in a jiffy!…

3 Simple Moves for a quick  barre workout

Affirmations are powerful! The thoughts we have impact the way we feel, the way our body reacts to things, the way we interact with our worlds, and our loved ones. Why wouldn’t you want to train your thoughts to be beautiful, strong, or positive? It may seem silly at first, but the operative word here is “train.” Bad thoughts can be habit-forming. But never fear, no negativity tailspins here. GOOD thoughts can also be habit-forming. When you have a mind full of good and productive thoughts, you start the process of forming the habit of good thinking, You will put good out into the world, and it will boomerang right back to you. Believe us!

Plie Points

These are fun to do and a great leg burn

Start in your second position, and make a nice plie with tracking knees as always! Then press your weight over to your standing leg and point your working leg outward. Come back to your second position and lower into your plie. Make sure you have a nice low  in second with your knees tracking right over your toes, then power up and reach that working leg far away from yourself!

V Pulses

Send your knees to the side as you work those legs with little pulses. ⠀

These are so easy and quite fun! You can get a great leg engagement in so little time! Just rise up to your demi point releve, and squeeze your heels together. Plie down slightly but stay on your toes. Now, rock some little pulses. Try 16 counts and then come down and shake it out! 

First position plie raises.

It’s time to stretch those achilles but keep working our legs

Take your heels together in a ballet first position. Plie with your heels on the floor as you stretch your achilles. Squeeze your legs together as you pull up, engaging your inner thighs too! 

We like to add a simple 90 degree bend in the arms with light free weights – as you know they are always optional! 


It's always a good day for BARRE!

BARRE is always a good idea, and of course Paris is too.. Thanks Sabrina!


New Workouts from the Fittbe Elf

New Workouts from the Fittbe Elf

Are you finding it tough to stay calm during the busy and sometimes stressful holiday season? Endorphins and a great balanced workout can help you combat that stress! We have all new workouts from the Fittbe Elf, so be sure to check them out on your apps today! ??

See the daily challenges from the #12Days of Fittbe and catch up on fabulous self care if you need to!


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Why Ballerinas Have the Most Toned Backs

Why Ballerinas Have the Most Toned Backs

Hey Loves! Have you ever noticed that ballerinas have the most beautiful and toned backs? Yet.. they rarely if ever lift actual weights. But, think about this, those fluid and beautiful movements they spend hour after hour and day after day doing are all resistance based. Ok, what does that mean? It means that they create their own feeling resistance – like they are moving against water. And… as they do that gorgeous Port de Bras, they do so for a prolonged period of time!

Want to work toward your own beautiful ballet back at home with no weights? Here are a few porte de bras exercises you can do on your own!

Hold your arms out in ballet second position for as long as you can – flatten your back as you do it

next, take those arms from second to high fifth with a feeling of resistance, hold each position for about 2 seconds

Hold your arms up in high fifth for about a minute!

Take your arms back out to second position and do tiny little circles

Finish the series by taking your arms from first to second – just like number 2?

You’ll be so excited to pull out that strapless or backless!