A method of exercise with staying power…

With so many methods of exercise from which to choose these days, here’s one with the ultimate staying power. Tap into the past with Pilates. It’s proven and time tested, and far from a fad. It was created in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates, and was actually originally developed for rehabilitation. Athletes and dancers have been long time practitioners, and now it’s quite mainstream! The benefits are many, but here are some points that will hopefully get you inspired to give it a try, or re-investigate if you’ve tried it once or twice. It’s just good. Really, really good.

It’s vitamins for your mind

It’s not just about the Physical benefits! Pilates boosts mental well-being.

Pilates gets you balanced!

Pilates helps remediate muscle imbalance – a major reason people experience injuries & pain. Pilates is preventative in a sense, as it helps you form balanced musculature which helps 

It can help you reduce stress and anxiety

The release of tension in your body can help dramatically with the release of tension in your mind! Breathing through your practice also helps you to be in the moment.

Boosts muscular control

The control your body learns through Pilates will serve you well in a variety of other sports and activities. 

It’s a major core workout

Show your core some love! Pilates is famous for being an amazing core workout. You core is so much more than your abs, and you absolutely have to have a strong core in order to have a balanced physique! 

It’s all about that “good energy”

Many people find peace as they breath through a session with energy and positivity! Fittbe’s pretty famous for this positivity piece! 

Improves flexibility

Flexibility is essential for good fitness. I’ve heard so many times – “I hate to stretch.” Guess what… you need to! If you don’t stretch, you are opening yourself up to many potential problems and injuries. If you hate to stretch, or you don’t know what stretches to do, Pilates is the perfect choice because it’s built into the flow for you!

Can Help Reduce Pain

Originally built for rehab, Pilates can help reduce pain. Many times, people experience lower back pain as a result of a weak core.  The stretch and strength delivered by pilates can be just what the doctor ordered!

Increases muscle strength and tone

You get major strength benefits from practicing Pilates! Not only will you feel better, you will look better too. Now, that’s not our main focus, because we don’t want to be shallow. But, in all honestly, yes. You will look like more of a babe of you do Pilates 😉 

Pilates helps you to feel more centered

There is so much beauty in the practice of Pilates. Movement originates from your core, and as you focus on Joseph Pilates’ foundational principles, you will find that you feel more centered 

Improves posture and spine health

Pilates improves your posture and helps to prevent upper back curvature! As you work through your Pilates sessions, you will practice lifting from the crown of your head, having a neutral spine, a strong core as you think of pulling your abs in and up, along with relaxed chest.

Helps you to relax and create a balanced body

 Did you know that one of the best ways to feel more relaxed in your day to day life is to workout, and Pilates is the ideal method as you breath deeply, engage deep muscles, and find a simple beauty across all movement, conducive to less pain, more range and balanced muscles!


Let Pilates improve your life and health!

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