I just produced a barre workout specifically catered to that “little black dress”. A staple in any woman’s wardrobe, and one which we should embrace! Barre gives us the tools to do so. Because it’s a full body workout, you tone your legs, refine your beautiful upper back muscles, tighten those arms & more. We can do this workout together via my app!

The Little Black Dress Barre

I also thought I’d share a few of the exercises that you can try – though it’s probably easier to follow along with the videos.

Hold on to a sturdy chair, or back of a couch for balance

1) Glue your heels together, and rise up to your toes. (This is called demi point). Squeeze those legs together as you take some medium speed plies, (just carefully bending and stretching your knees).

2) Now as you bend your knees, circle your working side arm overhead to a high fifth position, and then back down. Think of using resistance, as if you are moving though water.

3) Lower down to a first position, heels together, with your feet flat on the floor. Send your working leg out, extending it far away from you – but keeping your hips steady. Hold your arm strongly in second position (it’s amazing how simply holding your arm out there there can be a great workout!).

4) Add the arm floating up to high fifth and then out to second. The arm hits high fifth when the leg is out, then presses back to second position (Extended to the side), on the way in.

Make sure to repeat on the second side!

 ? xx