Hey Loves! Have you ever noticed that ballerinas have the most beautiful and toned backs? Yet.. they rarely if ever lift actual weights. But, think about this, those fluid and beautiful movements they spend hour after hour and day after day doing are all resistance based. Ok, what does that mean? It means that they create their own feeling resistance – like they are moving against water. And… as they do that gorgeous Port de Bras, they do so for a prolonged period of time!

Want to work toward your own beautiful ballet back at home with no weights? Here are a few porte de bras exercises you can do on your own!

Hold your arms out in ballet second position for as long as you can – flatten your back as you do it

next, take those arms from second to high fifth with a feeling of resistance, hold each position for about 2 seconds

Hold your arms up in high fifth for about a minute!

Take your arms back out to second position and do tiny little circles

Finish the series by taking your arms from first to second – just like number 2?

You’ll be so excited to pull out that strapless or backless!