Pilates Workout for Abs & Shoulders

Pilates is always wonderful way to boost your mood, and confidence! Enjoy this Refreshing Pilates Workout for Abs & Shoulders.  The workout flows through light free weights combined with classic Fittbe Pilates exercises.



Adding light free weights to your workout is an excellent way to maximize your tone up and strength. This Pilates workout for abs & shoulders begins with core and oblique abs. The workout then moves to weights for a great shoulder engagement section. We all know that strong shoulders look and feel great.

We finish the Pilates class with targeting the backs of your legs, which is so important for full body balance. Given that our quads are quite strong, working our hamstrings and glutes is essential!

Try to dedicate all of your attention to your Pilates workout. Keep mentally focused for this 23 minute fabulous Pilates workout for abs & shoulders 

This Pilates Workout for Abs & Shoulders takes place down at the lake. Did you know that water actually promotes relaxation?

Technique tips – keep pulling your abs toward your spine throughout the workout, and when you can, try to lift your shoulder blades off of the mat. For the work when we’re on 4 points reaching our legs behind ourselves, pretend that someone is pulling your foot far away from yourself. Stay stable through your core as you work through the leg circle section. Enjoy this Pilates Workout for Abs & Shoulders in the Fittbe Pilates app for iOS, or get started with a free trial of Fittbe TV that you can enjoy on any device!


You can choose to do this Pilates Workout for Abs and Shoulders on your Choice of Platforms!

Most every one of our Pilates workouts targets abs, because the core is at the center of the Pilates philosophy. Depending upon your choice of set up, you can do unlimited workouts on the Fittbe Pilates app, or on FittbeTV, which works on your computer or any mobile device!


Exercises to Tone Shoulders

Goal Post Lifts with Light Weights Front Raises Goal Posts Variation – Front to Side Small Arm Circles Shoulder Touch Planks Upright Rows Reverse Planks

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