One of our favorite things about a Fittbe Pilates workout is that you get to work so many muscles at once. That’s actually a big part oof why the workouts feel so good too! For example, in this workout, we start with warming up and then settle into our obliques and waists. We move on to deeper abdominals, then we work our inner thighs by doing small exercises things like squeezing our heels together while lowing our legs slightly toward the mat ~ hello middle abs, aka, transversus abdominis!





This is a great little workout for your arms, outer thighs, and oh yes, your abs and core. There are many modifications that you can do depending upon how you are feeling on the day and your comfort level with Pilates.



We’ve never not felt more energized and vibrant after a Pilates workout. It’s a great option for anyone, who is looking for a more balanced physique (and who wouldn’t want that), or cross training for any other sport, from skiing, to golf, to dance!





We hope you enjoy the workout, and for more, be sure to start your free trial of the Fittbe Pilates & Barre app. Hundreds of sessions, totally free for a week.