Full Body Barre Workout: Low Impact

A little preview of our brand new 33 minute Pilates & Barre combo workout with free weights. Just published for your Fittbe Pilates & Fittbe Barre Apps as well as FittbeTV. This one feels so good, and we are hitting play with you right now. And, if you don’t have your Pilates app yet, grab the link here ✨ If you enjoy more of the Barre style, then we have app that’s mostly barre for iOS here. 

What to expect in our Barreless Ballet Barre Workout: Low Impact

Here’s what you can expect from the workout. We start with some nice hip loosening moves in a standing position. Plus, we stretch out our arms and activate our backs. I just love a slow and luxurious warm up where we get to hold these beautifully placed positions.

Up next we work the downward dog position and give ourselves some releve exercises! This section is really great for helping us stretch and elongate the backs of those legs, stretching the achilles and calf muscles.

We then do a section where we face the mat. Single leg kicks are a super exercise to activate the backs of our legs while stretching our quads. Lastly for this section, I have some exercises to hit your “so called” Swimsuit muscles! You are soooo welcome for this! Ha. The key to get even more out of this section is to activate your upper back while you are facing your mat. Keep sending your shoulders down and back, almost reaching for a V position on your back.

A plank section with elbow to knee reaches follows, and we think you are going to love it! It is going to get you engaging your arms, waists/obliques, legs, and core. How about that for a multifunctional exercise.

Pick up those light free weights next, for some simple lifting. Keep that engagement as active on the way down as on the way up and you’ll earn a gold star! We finish this section with variations on bridges to target our glutes, and core.

Accomplish this with an intensity and a sense of calmness! We can’t wait for you to join me for this 33 minute session in your Fittbe apps and on FittbeTV for any device.

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