Your Back to School Workout Essentials

It’s back to school, and though we know you’ll miss those little cutie pies if you are a parent or a grandparent,  the great news is that now you can get back to your routine. The kiddos are back at school and you hopefully have some time for yourself! Because some much needed “me” time is in order, we’ve rounded up the best amazon finds for your workout success and bonus, you’ll have them in 2 days or less!

1. Barre/Pilates socks- The worst feeling in the world is doing a really good plank only to notice your feet slipping out from under you, but never fear, barre socks are here (Yes, I know that rhymes!). These puppies are inexpensive and will add much-needed traction and stabilization while you get down and dirty with your yoga mat!

Kira’s #1 Pick!

2. Speaking of Yoga mats you definitely need this one, it’s a “knee pad” to put atop your yoga mat. Those planks hurt your wrist or depending upon where you’re doing your at-home workout you can feel the hard floor crushing your back, hence this pad! It adds much-needed cushion without hindering your workout.


3. Resistance bands are some of the best tools for workouts, your inner thighs have probably never been so sore after doing a resistance band workout! These bad boys come in a variety of strengths too with a little cool carrying case!

For those stylin’ gals!

4. If you plan to workout at the gym a stylish workout bag is a must! Check out the Kate Spade “That’s the spirit” black tote. It’s not terribly large so it’s easy to transport and there’s enough room for all your equipment plus a change of clothes. It also has a zipper so you don’t have to worry about losing things!


5. Don’t forget your earpods with lightning connector! You don’t want to be stuck without them, how will you know how many sets of scissors you have left or better yet, how will you hear when Kira makes a really funny joke (cause you really don’t want to miss those!).

Happy shopping!



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