How to Have a Bootiful Halloweekend!

What are you doing to make it a “boo-tiful” weekend Fittbe fam!? Here are some ideas to help you enjoy halloweekend!⠀

⭐️ Healthy Baking, wink-wink⠀
⭐️ Healthyish Baking⠀
⭐️ Walk in the leaves⠀
⭐️ Carve your pumpkin (there’s still time!)⠀
⭐️ Roast Pumpkin seeds (so good for you!)⠀
⭐️ Watch Harry Potter and do a Pilates pushup every time a character does a spell!⠀
⭐️ Make cider on the stove⠀
⭐️ Have a bonfire⠀
⭐️ Do Facepainting or put wash out streaks in your hair⠀
⭐️ Make something spooky for a neighbor⠀
⭐️ Decorate your house⠀
⭐️ Do an exercise session with a Pumpkin as a weight!⠀
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“I have been a Fittbe member for 3 years. I love the style. So encouraging, and the exercises are perfectly assembled. It feels great to do, and I feel like my abs are tighter, my arms are leaner, and most importantly, I just feel really good and look forward to the sessions!”