Yogalates Workout: Feel Peaceful & Powerful

This 33 minute mat Pilates / Yogalates session from fittbe includes stretches, full body coordinated moves, core exercises, obliques, and supported shoulders. Focus on slow flow and keep your core engaged throughout the full session! There are so many benefits of Pilates, read about them here!

A good Yogalates workout can provide the ideal blend between stretching and strengthening. Set aside 33 minutes for this Yogalates Workout: Slow Flow Strength

This Fittbe yogalates workout begins with hip mobility exercises, then moves swiftly into some lower ab work! Up next we have some beautiful leg strengthening moves. Balancing that leg strength and elongation with stretches and relaxing our backs comes next. As you enjoy the stretches, be sure to let you head simply fall forward and relax your neck and back. Join in the full workout below with a free trial of Fittbe TV, or open up your Fittbe Pilates app and press play!


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