Is Barre or Pilates Better?

Is Barre or Pilates Better?

So, which one is better, Barre or Pilates? 

A lot of people are asking which is better? Barre or Pilates. Well, the answer really depends upon your goal! Here at Fittbe we do and love both. 🙂 When you start Pilates, you’ll find that in classical instruction there is a formula for a mat class, which allows you to activate your core, warm up your spine, and slowly add more difficult movements that stretch your body and work those muscles in elongated positions.

Perhaps a better question than “which is better,” would be which is better for you! Pilates includes a LOT of core stabilization focus, working deep core and abdominal muslces, and focuses on posture. Since core is at the center of app balanced movement, you will always do a lot of core work in a Pilates mat session. Beyond the core work, contemporary Pilates sessions like those in Fittbe will include exercises to hone in on smaller muscle groups, and develop overall body balance. You will have a chance to focus on elongation, and activating muscles in lenthened positions. It’s SUPER for back issues and preventing injury, and can be done at any pace and any level. 

Barre has it’s background in the dance world, but is for absolutely everyone. Why shouldn’t everbody be able to enjoy the fitness benefits of moves rooted in dance?! You’ll find that barre includes a good amount of plie combos and leg extensions (which are amazing for leg tone!) We also include very light free weights and small movements with large repetitions. Lower weights and higher repetitions work so well to build endurance and develop long and lean muscles. So we’ve talked about arm and leg work, but don’t start thinking that a barre workout is unbalanced! There is so much done for the core in a good barre workout, plus the booty! In short, you can expect a swiftly moving workout that will address almost everything, from your upper back and arms, to abs, to legs, and you don’t need to have danced to enjoy it.

The very best combination in creating a balanced physique is doing both Pilates and Barre! The only thing to consider is that if you like moving slower, you might be better suited to enjoy a Pilates session. Regardless of which workout is your jam, they are both wonderful cross training for other sports and activities, and help their practitionaers develop strength, flexibility, endurance and overal body balance!

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