Trying to get into running, but not feeling the motivation every moment of the day? Spoiler alert – none of us feel like hitting the pavement all the time. That’s even true for die hard runners?


That said, we have a few tips to help you look forward to lacing up those running shoes!


  1. Invite a buddy. It’s fun to jog with a friend because you can motivate one another. Plus, when you are chatting, you can be super distracted which is going to make that run fly by!


  1. Are you more of a solo runner? In that case, get started with your favorite playlist and get lost in your favorite songs. A podcast is another super idea to bring along on your run. Just make sure you’re paying attention to your surroundings and beware of traffic.







  1. Plan a little reward for yourself! When you check off your run, you should feel super about yourself. You all know we celebrate every little victory here at Fittbe apps. So, think of something that’s a nice reward for yourself. Maybe it’s a bubble bath later, a glass of your favorite vino to sip at Happy Hour, or relaxing with a good book – guilt free, do you hear me? 


  1. Play with the terrain. My Dad is a super efficient runner, and I learned this from him. He likes to play little games, like high knees for a stretch, then “little steps” up a hill, then long strides for the next stretch. When I do this, I add in some “trot” time.


  1. Speaking of “trot time.” I literally say this all of the time, and I think it can help us when we don’t feel much like getting super tired… I tell myself, I’m just going to head out for a “trot” and enjoy some fresh air. Before you know it, you’ve enjoyed a full run.


Victory is Yours!