Good posture looks great and feels great. It enhances that balanced body and is habit-forming! 

Keep your spine tall

Keep your spine tall when you are sitting and standing as well. When you slouch, you really put strain on your back, and you throw the balance of your body out of wack!

Work your Core and Abs

Your core is more than your abs. It’s the full array of wrap around muscles supporting your back. Having strong abdominals and a strong core is vital for great posture and preventing back pain too!

Align your ears with your shoulders

Make sure your head isn’t reaching forward. This is awful for your neck, and it looks poor too. Instead, make sure you align your ears with your shoulders. Keep your head up. Always!

Select a Firm Mattress

Choose a firm mattress that won’t have you sinking in! If you’re a napper, try napping on something more firm than an easy chair!