Everyone knows that a strong and toned upper back looks great. Bonus, it does wonders for your posture. Get in the habit of strengthening your upper back through Pilates, and you will be SO glad that you did.

How to work lower abs 

We so often get the question, “how do I work my lower abs?” It’s a problem area for so many of us. And, it’s not just about looks. As you all know, Fittbe is all about balance and wellness. Keeping your core including lower ab muscles strong is key to supporting a healthy back!

We have a wonderful 19 minute workout that combines upper back exercises with lower ab exercises. You can get it along with unlimited workouts in the app.

 Remember: Working your lower abs is so important for your spine health at every age! 

 Here are a few of the best exercises to do in order to tone both abs and arms!

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