Essential Oils for your own Winter Wonderland


If you love essential oils as much as we do for everything from relaxation to wakefulness, then you know they have the power to help to even put you in a relaxing mood, or even boost your energy! Essentials can even help you to evoke a special memory. If the idea of mentally transporting yourself in to a holiday haven sounds good, then you try holiday or seasonally scented essential oils!


Here are a few of our favorites that come in packs:  



This pack is lovely! And hey, if you would like that aroma of fresh baked cookies without the calories, then it’s the pefect assortment because sugar cookie smells of sweet vanilla. For us, Pine scented “Christmas Wreath=” is a must, and if you need a boost in energy, go for the Peppermint. We definitely don’t recommend using the Peppermint at bedtime, especially for those who may be struggling with sleep because it tends to make you feel more energetic and wakeful. Obviously, it is the perfect option for a busy day! 

This next set is a lot more “luxury” than the first, and it would be a beautiful gift! Some of our favorites included, French Vanilla, Harvest Spice, and Apple Cider. Seriously, how could the wafting aromas not make you feel all cozy warm inside? Read on for a few favorite uses for these gorgeous essential oils!




We might have just saved the best for last.

A warming fire is one of the most comforting sights and smells. We’re constantly drawn to fire on an instinctual level. And, that’s why this last one is one of our favorites! It’s the bonfire pack! 

So, be sure to treat your senses this season with Christmassy and holiday sented essentials!