It’s time to enjoy the ultimate Autumn Self Care List! Take in the fun and beauty of the season and treat yourself to simple self care activities to help you feel your very best!

Consider some of these fabulous feel good activities this Autumn.

Go for a walk and take in the fresh air!⠀

Going for walks in the cool air is a favorite pastime to enjoy this timer of year. Whether by yourself to just think, or enjoy some music, or with a buddy or two, try to make some time for a walk today. Going for a walk or a run is a perfect way to hit the reset and refresh button. If you go with a buddy, you can chat, get ideas, and laugh a lot. The idea of adding a little music to the situation if you’re alone is so nice too. If you’ve been feeling stressed lately, perhaps try some calm piano music.

Call or write a friend⠀

Reaching out to a friend – maybe one you haven’t talked to in a while, is such a feel good thing to do! Just let someone know you are thinking about them, maybe remember a shared time together. It’ll help you to slow down and appreciate the good things, plus taking some time to be social once in a while is a good thing!

Stretch or do a Fittbe Pilates Session

Naturally, you need to do something good for your body today! A slow stretch session, a yogalates, or a lovely Pilates practice is the perfect way to treat yourself to fit fun. The time that you spend taking care of yourself is time well spent! We’ve just posted brand new sessions in your Fittbe Pilates apps too! 

Make something Pumpkin

Pumpkin is so good for you. In fact, here is a list of the benefits of enjoying Pumpkin!  Bonus, it’s going to help you enjoy the spirit of the season! We love Trader Joe’s pumpkin spread on a pumpkin bagel – ok, if you’re thinking that’s a lot of pumpkin, you’re right – but those pumpkin bagels are astoundingly delicious. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin biscotti, pumpkin spiced lattes – there are just so many goodies featuring pumpkin! You can even make brownies with pumpkin or sweet potato. We also recently created a delicious Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

 Light a spiced candle

Candle light is the coziest. We just need to make the effort to make spaces cozy our hearts and minds happy.

Listen to Coffee Shop Jazz

It’s seriously relaxing, and there are so many amazing channels from which to choose! Some of them come along with gorgeous pictures. You can even feel instantly transported to a Paris cafe!

Keep it Cozy this Season!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Take some time to head to a local pumpkin patch! It’s nostalgic and the perfect low key activity. Follow it with a nice cozy warm drink!

Make a Cozy Warm Drink

Cozy warm drinks are the best in Autumn! Consider a tea latte, a hot chocolate,  your favorite coffee, or a relaxing tea (like Earl Grey, Hibiscus, or Ginger Turmeric)

Decorate your Home for Autumn

Have some fun selecting autumnal decor, or even do a craft! Hang a wreath on your door, and bring that Autumn glow to your home.

Have a Bonfire

Autumn is the best time (if it isn’t blustery of course, for a bonfire! You can even treat yourself to s’mores! And of course a nice drink, warm or cold is a must. Bring some outdoor blankets too, so that you’ll be super cozy!

Do a Sheetmask

These facemaskes are really relaxing, and so easy to do! Treat yourself to a lovely facemask, and savor the relaxation. There re even some with autumnal scents!

Try an Autumnal Manicure

Doing seasonal things is just so enjoyable. Try out a seasonally inspired manicure for the season. There are many more colors for Autumn manicures than just orange!

Do an Autumn Photoshoot

And here’s the best part. Consider just doing it for yourself to enjoy framing and setting up a scene. It’ll help you notice the beauty around you!


Journal with your favorite calm music or a candle on.

Watch Good Witch

It’s absolutely the best. Everyone needs Cassie Nightengale energy in their lives, and what’s any season without enjoying the antics of everyone’s favorite Mayor, Martha Tinsdale.

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