Do you have 20 Minutes for your Fittbe Pilates session of the day? It features some great daily Pilates exercises for you to try out – here are a few broken down step by step.

For your warm up, sit with your feet together, stretching out your hips. It feels so good! Next, just take your arms to the floor with elbows straight. Reach your arms up to a v position and then back to the floor. We do about 16 of these!

For a variation that we do in the session, add a slight tipping forward with your abs pulled in tightly and your back flat at the top of each move.

Another great exercise we feature in this session is “the clock”. Start by flattening your back to the floor, and reach both legs up to the sky. Squeeze your legs together keeping your leg muscles really engaged. For this version, we will keep our head and shoulders on the floor! Now circle your legs as one unit – imagining that you are hitting every point on a clock. Reverse your direction for each one. Go for about 12!

One last featured exercise from this 20 minute tone up starts in a downward dog position. Keep equal weight on your hands and feet. What a good shoulder stretch here!

Now, with your elbows tracking right along side your body, slightly bend them and then press back up. Let’s go for about 8 of these. For a variation, we can take our hands together, making a triangle position, and lightly bend and stretch your elbows for another set. This will be like a mini pushup!

Be sure to follow along with the video on your Fittbe Pilates Apps! ??