Cinnamon is a wonderfully cozy and delightful spice. The idea of a steaming cup of apple cider garnished with a cinnamon stick sounds like the ideal hygge treat to us, maybe something to sip on while watching Hallmark’s Fall lineup!



What are the health benefits of Cinnamon? 

 Cinnamon can have many health benefits too, and can be delightful to cook with. We love adding a pinch to chili recipes, most anything with pumpkin, healthy cookies, and even “beauty breakfast yogurt.” But as with most everything from diet to exercise, moderation is key! And, not all cinnamon is created equally. slightly spicy taste that lends well to a variety of dishes. You might have even heard that it can help balance blood sugar in those with type 2 diabetes or ward off Alzheier’s disease. 


 There are 2 prominent types of Cinnamon, and they are each a little different in taste.



Ceylon Cinnamon (Less common, and pricier) and Cassia Cinnamon (Pretty much available in any grocery store), are the two types of Cinnamon we’re comparing today. They do look quite similar when you see them in their natural stick form, and to confuse matters even further, when they are ground, they look exactly the same. So, as always, we have to read those labels, or source from a store that really knows their spices.

 Some of the benefits of Cinnamon



  • So tasty cozy for that nice light spice
  • Features antibacterial properties and antioxidants
  • Can be applied to skin to combat acne
  • May help cognitive processing, reduce stress, and improve sleep (Harvard Health)
  • Reduces inflammation




Now, here’s the reason to check for Ceylon Cinnamon (Yay!) vs. Cassia Cinnamon (Nay!)


Cassia Cinnamon contains Coumarin (a chemical compound found in some plans which can potentially which can be dangerous to consume in large doses as in may be associated with liver damage). But, you guys know, at Fittbe, we would never sign off without a high note! We always look on the bright side, baby. The super wonderful news is that there isn’t any Coumarin in Ceylon Cinnamon. So you can spice it up, and feel good about what you’re feeding your body!



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