This stretch session is a calm and relaxing 11 minutes for all levels. Enjoy the routine as you take some time to elongate your muscles!

Stretching is essential for overall muscle balance and health. Moreover, it helps to prevent injury (how many babies pull muscles, we ask you!?)… Those little flexibly cuties.

 A better range of motion is definitely a plus when you’re doing any physical activity. 

Plus, it’s relaxing and just makes you feel great!

We invite you to join Kiira in this enjoyable stretching session, plus, get your free trial of any of the Fittbe apps below! 

The Method

The Fittbe Pilates and Fittbe Barre Method is built upon classical training, and formatted to give you the best results possible. It’s all about efficiency to help your body tone, stretch, and strengthen!

As far as Fittbe Barre, you’ll find that it is a little bit different from many Barre classes you may have taken. It has classical notes, but is definitely for everyone… No dance experience required! The results are impressive, yet it looks light and graceful!

Fittbe Yogalates is the ideal app for those who want to stabilize, improve balance, and stretch in a sweet calming style! It’s a strategic blend of yoga and Pilates and feels wonderful to do!